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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Good suggestions guys, we`ll do another round of adjusting wizards in the next patch.
Okay here please dont listen to the handful of people in this thread dont like wizards I get it.

But the changes you are taking about will completly make wizards usless, the ONLY good thing about lightning storm is that it follows its targets.

Other wizards spells? Simply spread out move away, and all that spell is wasted. Lightning storm does ALOT less damage now hardly anything. To get any use out of lightning storm you have to have multiple deep mages.

If any of my deep mages die I lose thousands thousands of gold. Have to respend all my points to relevel the mage again waste time clicking hundereds of time each dead mage, waste HUNDEREDS of thousands of gold to relevel them.

If the game lags? Dead mage, there goes thousands of gold.

Yes please keep nerfing mages again and again until its useless.

No matter how hard you NERF mages you cant fix guys that dont know how to focus fire the DPS.

Deep mages were nerfed hard and now you need MANY deep mages to do what 1 mage could do before.

More deep mage nerfs will make them useless.

So you dont want to have to focus fire the DPS? why the hell not its the smart thing to do.

Mages are the squishies and most expensive thing in the game by far now, and a few handful of vocal people just want to nerf them more and more.

Me and MANY other people in game ( not the handful that post in these forums) think that mages are fine me and all my friends.

This game hardly has any magic going on and its SHAME, and now people want to ruin the only magic we have.

If you nerf mages more will really ruin the game for me and alot of people.

Mages are not a "I win button" like some people think....

takes ALOT of micro to keep a mage alive and one second of not pay attention he is dead.

The spells are easy to avoid if people spread out there forces, dont really do all that much damage, and have Huge cooldowns.

Oh yeah, also, mages suck at EVERYTHing except casting a spell every now and then that can just be dodged and laughed at.

also people dont even use the main in game counter to different magic, all mages of different types have different defense spells against different schools of magic.

mages can counter other mages EASY even if you dont spread out your units and focus fire the mages.

Its paper rock scissors thing, the founding block of many RTS games. or just listen to a few mad people "nerf tha dps he kill me he is overpowered please developers nerf please"

please dont listen to the handful of people on this forum that hate mages and ruin the only casters in this game.

If you nerf lightning storm more it will be so useless, Fire mage hardly inflicts any casuallties, calm mage can be dodged or waited out easy. mages are BALANCED.

Mages require SO much gold and any small mistake costs you a ton they are laughably easy to kill.

I play casters in every game i hate playing as warriors and if mages are nerfed more it will ruin this game for me and alot of other peoples.

Why destroy one of main features of expansion

Mages require Insane micro to keep alive or bigarmies protecting them.

They can be countered by spreading out, sending people in to assassinate mages, countered by other mages, sending units from different directions.

They can bug out and not listen to commands and stand there and die, happens alot since they are so weak, then poof there goes all my gold

wave mage spells can be easily dodged and dont even kill that well in my opinion, and calm spells are decent but if you spread out have VERY small radius.

Of course people die if they clump together their units, this happens IN many other RTS games. My royal dragon kills clumped units JUST as good as a mage spell

same with hydra has insane AOE attack.

Please dont ruin game and mages

very dissappointing to see casters treated like this

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