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Old 01-29-2014, 10:32 AM
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Thumbs up Hero different for each region?

So in the future i would like to see some new things about the heroes, for example i think the heroes spell should depend on what region they are from, i am gonna give some examples:

Bolfores'l hero ability could be "Spirit Guide Eagle" so the hero could have a passive or a "use" ability where he could summon an eagle which would fly up in the air and scout enemy troops and then it would increase your archers range because of a link between the eagle and the archers where to shot in order to hit the enemy....

The swamp for the elves and orcs could have the following heroes...

Elves (Spirit guide Panther) Orcs (Shaman of Marsh)

both of those would increase your units stealth ability so your units would actually become invisible instead of the enemy being being able to see you units, then if you chose those region your hero would give your units this buff or spell cast to increase the stealth.

or another one could be for the orc people in the desert.

Wargrider of the Avium which could perhaps cast a spell where he would cast a sandstorm, it would give damage per second to enemy units in it and decrease sight, it would also give damage to your units but not as much + it would only decrease your sight alittle....

this is a few examples i got... please tell me your opinion on what you think about this.

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