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Old 01-28-2014, 10:22 PM
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I understand what your saying and I agree the dragons were too powerful before. But the age of the dragon has definitely passed and they are far too weak now.

If they are to be hit and run then perhaps they should be reworked from the ground up because I don't think they were originally made to do hit and run very well and now without their defensive abilities they die extremely fast.

My point I guess is that they were/still are? 180 crowns for a royal dragon, and the royal dragons fire no long wipes out entire groups of enemies, and they take up a lot of army space. It takes many repeated castings from the dragon hitting the same group of targets to score any kills making it nearly useless in pvp. I had 2 High lvl royal dragons in a siege on Denwall both fire 3 fire balls from each dragon and I could barely take out 1 unit of lvl 7 archers on the wall.

Id say make the dragons more maneuverable for example give them the ability to stay in flight and move around at high speed. Much like when elves go invisible for example it drains mana/second. So a dragon could stay in flight and lose say 5-10 mana per second and be immune from ground attacks and take reduced archer damage and gain the ability to use dragon fire while moving so it would be more like a dragon where it flys by and breaths fire down on troops.

so losing 10 mana per second and maybe while in flight all the dragons abilities cost 50% more mana to cast (or not the abilities are already pretty weak and require multiple castings to do any real damage). So this makes the dragon more of a hit and run caster as you want it to be but less of a stationary waste of space as it is now. I mean right now the dragon is basically just cavalry meat. Enemy cavalry just charge it and tear it apart.

If the dragon is losing 5-10 mana per second plus casting a fire breath costs 200-250 mana you figure you have about 30 seconds of flight time and one casting of firebreath before you have blown all your mana. The trade off is you get to use your abilities less but you gain more defence and evasion and are less likely to be caught by horses or archers.

You would have to tweak mana per second, ability cost, ability damage but all in all the flight animations are already in place and the abilities are there so it might be an easy change. Its just right now it takes way to long for the dragon to lift off the ground and begin flying so once caught by any enemy unit the dragon can easily be killed before it can get away. And when I say once caught its pretty darn easy to get caught even when your alert and/or already running away.
The royal dragons are barely fast enough to get away from horses if at all, and the smaller dragons are much slower and just waiting to die.

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