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Old 01-28-2014, 03:30 PM
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Default Dragons Useless

I know this thread has been posted before but that was before the series of new patches to fix your arcana launch.

I felt as if you would address dragons being so worthless and over nerfed for sure but it turns out you didn't.

I would first like to state dragons are completely worthless in battle. We will just cut straight to the royal dragon since he takes up the most army space and is supposed to be 1 of the strongest dragons (units for that matter) in the game. The Royal dragon with high lvl is completely useless his abilities barely do any damage and if any unit gets near him they rip him apart. The dragon dies so fast to archers and infantry and cost so much more than regular units to have in your army that its not worth the space.

So I would like to know why you the devs think your changes to the dragons are good ones, why you believe making the units so much weaker but leaving its army space the same was a good idea, and basically why you think the dragons as they are now are not useless and are balanced properly.

P.S stating a unit was too powerful before is not a justification as to why the unit was made completely useless. Its fine to rebalance a unit to serve a new role, but to make an iconic unit that takes up so much space have no value to the player using it is not a proper balance.