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Originally Posted by TheBlackPumpkin View Post
But again, I dont see how a newbie matchmaking system, that doesn't allow you to gain or lose anything, could be exploited.
When you are end game anything you win or lose doesnt do anything for you either. Some people have the mindset that it is fun to take advantage of people. Im glad you dont understand, its a good thing.

But either way I don't really care if they add elites or not as long as whatever system they put in place actually helps new people and not detour them with people exploiting. I was not knocking your idea's just stating what I would do. Thats what we are here for right? Suggestions

And with the friend system the Dev already stated at the beginning that he wouldnt do that. Unless you can bring something to the table that would change his mind.

But lets get back on track. We can both agree that there should be a noobie practice area that doesnt award anything and you dont lose units. If the Devs decide they have time they can see the suggestions and create what they see fit. Remember, things can always be looked at and balanced later on. Just got to be careful somethings arnt too extreme like the wizard was.

Feel free to keep up the suggestions. Your idea's and suggestion's are in the right place.
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