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Old 01-28-2014, 11:09 AM
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just maybe another couple of things that make life a bit more easy. (these are just details tbh)

1) i accidentaly pressed "cancel" on my protection window and it just vanished. a little window with "are you sure yes/no " would be nice

2) the price to pay off is pretty low, but sometimes it is really high. Just in my case today i wanted to finish something off before start to pvp so i pay off each attack ( about 3 ) the first 2 i paid it off with some golld+peasants. But the 3rd time i pressed pay off again and it took away 3 ogers lvl 20. This system quite forces someone to pvp, which if that is the purpose is good, but i wouldnt mind seeing clearly what I pay to pay off. I mean i see the gold price but not the units. Could it just show up? now i have to put my mouse on the pay off to see what i pay and if you are not paying attention you might pay the big price. Personally i wouldnt mind pay much more gold to pay off and no units than a tiny bit of gold and 3 units (esp high level)

3) besides some minor bugs, i am very laggy, but that could be explained by the fact that i am european and live a bit far away from the server ?

Well thats just what I have seen so far and just some things I'd change, do what ever you want with it xD

cya around
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