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Originally Posted by Mr. Abysmalyxia View Post
However, the Elvish economy SHOULD be simple.

Human economy should be versatile (think trade routes and market manipulation)... Elvish Economy should be "natural and sustainable", Orcish economy should be even simpler and more primitive than the elvish economy and should flourish only when being aggressive and looting.

Numbers can be tested and adjusted. It's a question of overall design philosophy.
There you go. I like this reply much better than your first pitch personally. (Though I wasn't trying to knock your original proposal, I was just saying as is it would be unbalancing) Now I have more of an idea to what you would like to see in game other than just simplifying the elves.

So what we want to do is make each faction more unique and diverse if I am understanding you correctly?

Human economy: Versatile with good trade routes and market manipulation.
Orcs economy: Very simple, kill and take resources? May need to elaborate a little more for me.
Elf economy: Simple, natural and sustainable I am guessing passively? As in no active workers?

So you gave the pitch to about how to make the elves faction. As the game stands that would unbalance the other two factions. So how can we make these two other factions fit their theme while making them in line to the elf faction proposal?

I really like to hear your thoughts on the trade routes with the human economy. Currently they don't have an advantage over the other two races. They do have a market place though. And I am a little lost with the orcs. Could we go into detail with them also please? Awaiting your idea's and thoughts.
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