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Originally Posted by TheBlackPumpkin View Post
The only problem i have with this idea is you would not be able to practice with heroes or elites, which are a vital part of most army compositions, even at low strength values
Heroes are able to go into the battles. If they get above level 20 you can start using them to exploit. A level 60 Hero will have a 50 hp/s regeneration with 80/72/84 resists.

This is a place for new people to practice new armies. Once you get the fundamentals of fighting you will know how to use the elites and which ones you need for your army before you even purchase them. Most common newbie question is which elite should I buy or which dragon should I buy. Then they add them to their army thinking that just because they are an elite they are more powerful than regular units. I knew the strengths and weaknesses to them before I even owned one. Half the fights I have been in I don't use elites. Elites are good for certain roles. The only time elites are OP in your average army is when they are being exploited. Such as a Wizard and three horse carts to fight low strength rating armies and collect the loot.
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