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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
As for the no-risk PvP game mode...this is something we could look at. Hm...perhaps. I do see a good idea here. Taken under consideration, but such battles would have to give no rewards, and we can`t just limit this to friends.
In the capital city of each race create a new option called 'The Arena'. When you enter the capital you can select this option for the game to queue you up against another novice army. Have a beginner quest that takes you there and completes after your first match. Make sure the quest informs you that it is a practice hall to perfect your skills and prepare you for PvP. Also have the quest inform you that you may practice there as much as you want as long as are in the limits of the following restrictions.

The Arena Restrictions
Army must be less than 400 rating.
Army must be 30 units or less.
Army must have at least 10 units. (EDIT Added to prevent possible exploits)
No mages, dragons or elite units can enter accept the users hero.
Hero must be level 20 or below. (For Hero unit to enter, a player can have a higher level hero but the hero cant be in the army)
No resources are awarded for match.
No wins/loss stats will be awarded to users profile. (Other than 1 quest reward)
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