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Originally Posted by TheBlackPumpkin View Post
My point is, if you have a level 20 knight vs a equal army strength of swordsmen at level 1, the knight will win, thats the best i can explain myself.

Perhaps i didnt explain my point well enough, or if i did, then its a stupid idea, and you can ignore it xD
A level 20 knight will have a higher strength rating then a level 1 swordsmen. A level 20 should be able to beat a level 1, in 1 vs 1 generally speaking. Unless its a unit that is meant to counter another kind of unit. Then it should have a better chance. But 20 levels is a huge difference.

Originally Posted by TheBlackPumpkin View Post
We will just drop this part of the discussion, my mind was thinking of things in incorrect terms.
I think I get what you are saying now BTW.

You mean let say a Swordsman unit is level 1 with a strength of 20 and a level 5 Knight is level 20 with a strength of 20 the knight would always win? This is a never ending balance issue. And remember that some units are designed to have strengths against other units.
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