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Originally Posted by TheBlackPumpkin View Post
I understand that, but just because you have the same "strength" doesnt mean you do, if that makes sense, for instance, 2 units of lvl 20 swordsmen / knights can beat the same army strength if they are also using knights / swordsmen.
Lets say for concept of example (These are not current strength ratings)

A level one knight is a strength 10. A level 20 knight will be strength 30.

So if two units of level 20 knights (for a total of 60 strength) fight two units of level 20 knights their strength rating will be 60 strength also. If two level one knights of strength 10 fight two level 20 knights of strength 30 it would be a 30 vs 60 strength battle. Which can't happen because its more than 10% difference.

And if you are talking about a players level in their profile. That is their heroes level. I can send you 60k gold and you can take your hero to the nearest trade city and power level him to 60 in a few minutes. That has nothing to do with how good a player is or the strength of his army (unless the Hero is added into it of course).
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