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Originally Posted by TheBlackPumpkin View Post
New suggestion coming your way!

So currently, if a player doesn't want to fight a PvP battle, you pay off the enemy. The problem I have found with this mechanic is it is very annoying / tedious making sure every single army / your town has enough gold to pay off a attack. My suggestion would be to eliminate the need to carry gold for payoff's in your army. And make it so any gold in the empire can be used for a payoff.

Unless of course you intended this side effect in the design, to make it something players have to keep a eye on at all times if they want to pay people off.
Hello Black Pumpkin. Very good and open minded idea's. There is a lot I would like to suggest myself but have not had the time. Its good to see players care about the game and want to help make it better. So keep those suggestions coming!

Also, on the last suggestion about the payoffs. I completely agree with you. Pays offs should be an agreement between two armies. And a caravan will delivery the goods (Not really but speaking in theory).

Actually, There should be three options:

Fight: Engage the enemy for glory and honor! Or whatever it is you fight for.

Pay Off: The payment should be automatically deducted from your city.

Retreat: If you cannot pay off the enemy due to lack of resources you can choose to retreat instead of fight. This will cause a chance for your army to take damage and loose units (Due to you running away from the enemy and them trying to kill you). This can also be an option if you don't want to pay them.

Thoughts and opinions?

EDIT: Didn't see your first reply. Currently units do scale dynamically in Strength rating rating as they level. Also, to PvP someone by default you need to be within 10% of their strength rating. A level 100 wizard is about 300-350 strength rating by itself. Just thought I would throw that out there.
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