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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Glad to see your enjoying your time in-game so far. And what a great list of suggestions.

Tool-tips for the market units to list stats and details - very good idea. Adding this to our list.

As for PvP - we are working hard on balancing things with every patch (granted wizards are OP right now, this will be fixed with-in 24 hours). However as for best PvP suggestion - why not start small? with a small of of 100 strength - just make some new level 5 units - 20 or so - and try them in PvP, you`ll get lots of crowns even if you loose.

As for the no-risk PvP game mode...this is something we could look at. Hm...perhaps. I do see a good idea here. Taken under consideration, but such battles would have to give no rewards, and we can`t just limit this to friends.

A valid point, and this in my opinion IS the best way to get into PvP. However If I had a army of for example, 5 level 5 swordsmen, archers, and knights, someone could attack me with a wizard, and a couple of other extremely high level units. To balance this issue i think army strength either needs to be modified more by ranks, or a system would need to be implemented so that players of a certain "level" cant go after newer players. Im not sure what the best way to implement something like that would be, and personally, I dont like things that restrict freedom like that, but that being said, its not really fair for someone with a few lvl 20s to be able to stomp someone of equal army strength, but their units are just so supperior because of levels.

I'm glad the no risk PvP mode has some appeal to you, and yes, i understand the no rewards aspect, I actually meant to put that part into my original post "if i didnt" And I also understand the part of not just friends. That was simply the template i was using in my head.

Im glad you found the ideas good / helpful, gotta love Dev's that are active in the community
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