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Default Tool tips, tutorials, and other assorted goodies.

Well, first I would like to start by saying, I love the game, after about four days of playing it I've dumped about 40+ hours into the game. However, one of the first thing's i noticed is how many thing's are not explained to new players, either through tooltips, tutorials, or quests.

Now, normally anyone who has spent a extensive amount of time playing RTS games can figure out the basics fairly easily. However there are some things that I thought were rather hard to figure out, such as the fact that you cannot see the stats of units that you are looking at in the market. Granted I cant name every single thing that I had trouble figuring out, but, here is another one. Nowhere, in the store or otherwise have I seen information about how heroes, wizards, and elite units and handled. Now as all of you likely know, the units i just mentioned are all immortal, when they die, they lose some levels, which seem to very based on what level they are, and then respawn when you heal them or take them back to your town.

This is VERY confusing for new players, my suggestion would be to add unit cards to the market. And make a hero / elite unit tutorial that goes through how hero units / elite units work and what happens when they die. Along with a chart showing how many levels they lose.

Another thing that a lot of new players find daunting, is PvP. Now personally the way I look at it is, it's a MMORTS, the main component for this type of game is PvP, so why'd ya buy it?

Well as developers of your product I'm sure you try your best to offer both PvE and PvP experiences to whoever wants them. PvE is done fairly well, with the quests to guide you along with taking NPC cities you can grasp PvE and what to do fairly easily after awhile. However PvP is a whole new ball park. A lot of players that don't want to PvP had a bad experience their first time out. Either they got fried by a wizard, someone who just knew the PvP mechanics better, or just got attacked and didn't know what to do.

Personally I haven't tried PvP yet, why? Because I don't feel like losing my near 1800 strength army to someone who has been PvPing for a long time and knows how to crush all but equal level experience players.

To fix this, my suggestion is as follows, create a non-risk PvP mode for friends to invite eachother to for practice. You can have the same strength rules apply, and simply make it so neither player loses nor gains anything. That way people can figure out how to PvP and how to play, without having to lose all of their hard work, and in turn either quit your game, or simply stop PvPing, and in my opinion, both are equally bad options.

These are only a few of the things I have noticed, as I cannot recall all of it off the top of my head, however if you wish, I will continue to post suggestions related to this as more come up. Weather or not it is even possible to do what I am suggesting at this point, I have no clue, but hopefully you will find my suggestions and insight helpful in some way.
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