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Old 01-27-2014, 02:31 PM
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If I recall the lightning spell is suppose to get nerfed this upcoming patch. Wizards as a whole though the Dev's feel are balanced. Thank you for posting this. I myself feel that there are definite balance changes that need to be made. Do not worry though, the Devs will read this and have some sort of answer for you. You are not writing to blind eyes.

Suggestion: Wizards are powerful and can be used to abuse the game as seen here in this example. The guy he fought knew he would win these fights hence why he brought one wizard and three carts to the field. If you do not want to change wizards you should at least increase their strength rating so players that add wizards can only fight larger and more fit army's. As is, the Wizard is a what seems to be a high 300-350 strength rating at level 100. But due to their damage even 300-350 strength armies can't counter them if the player knows what he is doing with the wizard. I would bump them up to 500 at level 100. An army shouldn't really have more than one wizard unless its a very high end strength rating match. And at the current state, four wizards can become invincible when they buff themselves. Let them be invincible at a 2000 strength army instead. (And yes, I still propose this even though you are nerfing the lightning damage).
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