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Old 01-27-2014, 02:12 PM
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Default This game is already ruined after 3 days of playing.

So I am very new to this game and i have to say I did enjoy it until today. I was plays and building up my army to get ready to siege my first bigger npc castle ( i have this quest in which I need to siege 3 npc lords) so i have looked into guides how to make a good army etc... So I ended up buying good units and went up into a camp and farmed the little orcs and make loads of gold, but mostly I leveled my units to get the quest done without losses.

After lots of working and building etc my 12 hours protection shield went off, which is okay because I like to pvp in other games. So here comes my first battle ! I have my lvl 12 ish army ready to fight and I am thinking : this dude im going to massacre him. But i was pretty wrong.

The screen loads, my army is all together at one spot and litteraly 3 seconds later BOOOM my enemy ( who had 1 wizzard and 3 horses) launches some Lightning on my troops. My enitre Army ( 42 units) GONE, all exept for my ogers... WHO THE HELL on the developpers team was thinking " lets make a wizzard, that can attack from across the map, that can launch lightning ( btw that attack follows you ???? WTF) and destroy the entire army. so one unit can kill 42 units No problem. Now you have to admit that this sounds pretty damn ******ed right ?

So the problem comes iether from the fact that the people who make this game just made an unit that ruins the game for every1 or i ended up ( a noob that has been playing for 3 days only ) fighting some very high level dude (which would be completely ******ed/stupid aswell)

Plz fix this, it was my first battle and it was really no fun, seriously how can this be possible ????
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