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Old 01-26-2014, 11:32 PM
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Post [Suggestion] World Map

Some suggestions to ease the use of the world map. Most of this is to help new players.

1. When selecting world map your city should be selected by default. This will help new players see where their city is for the first time along with the options to create their army.

2. When in the Transfer menu, your army strength should be displayed in the UI to help decide how many units to transfer over to get the desired army strength.

3. The ability to rename armies! Its hard to remember what army is which through army 1 -5.

4. Army's on the map should have a glowing outline to make them easily detectable. Make an option to turn off in Display Options for veterans who use the army icons in the upper left. (Give army's bloom and nobody will have trouble seeing army's on the map, just joking)
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