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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
The trade does bring quite a bit of income, and your discovered only 1 trade routes, with some you can make even more money. And you`d be surprised how many players enjoy this kind of gameplay, but at the same time - war in any form would always bring you more gold and crowns than trading ever will.

And no matter how much you train you won`t dominate everyone - in the end it`s about skill in PvP combat.
I think you missed the point. And sadly I have to agree with him on the economy aspect of the game, and even with Skyrim (Where I quit the game also).

The issue arrives is what's the benefit? If he found only one trade route that provides overwhelming income what is the point of finding the others just to find them? The same goes with allying with all the cities. Why? Yes I can trade/train/heal, but I don't need all the cities. If I do one in each region I am pretty much set up. The economy is very static and generic and no where near the dynamic diversity it needs to be. And this plays a huge part to your non-PVP player base.

As I have said in a few posts I am working on a system that will accomplish all these things. In fact, it might as well be an expansion. But with that said, I don't expect you to use the suggestion I will be proposing, only to open idea's and have bigger horizons of the potential the World Map has to offer for a strategic economy addition.

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