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Old 01-25-2014, 08:10 PM
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Default Level Protection

Old player returning....
When i first started to play we really didnt have player city battles and 12 hour protection that i remember. I come back from time to time but normally play an older city. So i started a new city to catch up on changes and get back into the game properly.

So my question is, my city is not built all the way (walls), so i still have 12 hr protection. If i send an army out into the wild and take part in pvp battles will this cancel the protection for my city? I love city battles, but as a new city I am not even close to being ready lol.

Thanks in advance.

Also for any devs some of my old cities are still bugged from old issues. Is there a way i can transfer crowns, dragons, and other things from these bad cities to newer ones so i can play with out being crippled by my old cities? One city still has not recovered the gold and stone nodes even after months of being logged off lol. And even after 2-3 days of playing again, they are not growing :/

Also looking for a decent alliance to take part in some heavy pvp and meet new players Let me know.

Thanks again