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Old 01-25-2014, 06:08 PM
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Default Why I lost interest in Skyrim...

In Skyrim one can follow a path that's borderline exploitive.

Just continuously and constantly upgrade your weapons. It's the best way to go in terms of raw power and it's also easily the most boring. I stopped playing skyrim after I realized it.

The game just seemed "not as fun".

Currently one can trade unicorns with humans for an outrageous sum. Want easy gold? Trade unicorns with an allied human city, the larger the better. You'll walk away with around 1.2k golds for a two hundred gold investment (after you beef them up to level five).

You don't even need to significantly advance your city... just plow out houses, unicorns, and reap the gold.

Then train up everything and dominate everyone.

You don't need to have the economic perks... you just need spare time.

It's tedious and it detracts from the game.
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