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Old 01-25-2014, 01:45 PM
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Default Help with PVP seige attacking

I've had some luck against palisades but against stone walls I have no hope. I bring about 20 units in a 200 point army and can't kill the enemy faster than they can spam new units... Sometimes they have more units than I do by the time i crack the inner wall (if I haven't already given up). Is this match making system really balancing me to within a few percent points of the enemy? And what's the point if they can make gobs of new units during the attack... I'm even getting flung up against stone castles with round towers and all available platforms with trebuchets.

I'm starting to see no point to PvP seige.

Any pointers? I tried trebuchets which seem to cost too much time, enabling the enemy to spam new defenders. Had the most luck with battering rams but . I take it to win in seige you have to rush in asap?

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