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Default Quest Help: Into the Swamp (I'm crying! :P)

Hello one and all,

I'm in definite need of help here, The Human Quest- Into the Swamp.

Attacking the Orc capital to get that pesky mage free and escape with him, i've tried this four times now;

3 times i tried to do as Sir Morin seemed to have said- Rush in quickly fight/run to the wizards cage... and boom...once there, nothing happened! The cage didn't open at all, and my men were promptly slaughtered before i was forced to retreat.

The Last time i tried to do the same rush, but this time kill as many orcs as i could (My god those ogres!) but this isn't really viable without heavy losses for me, i don't have any crown elites, but my army is quite leveled up consisting of knights (lvl 8's) and Swordsmen (lvl 10s) with a few dwarven battlers and axe men i got in my daily rewards.But still having to kill everyone on the way there +the hordes of ogres means it's difficult. I got again though to the cage with my army intact... and once again... nothing, it didn't open, i couldn't attack it to get it open, theres no door? I spent five minutes trying to do it but alas to no avail, i even tried to destry the temple, but couldn't. So once again my army was almost slaughtered.

So what am i doing wrong guys? How do i get the door open? I'm assuming this isn't a bug as i've lost 3 whole armies thus far :P

Advice desperately needed!