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Old 01-24-2014, 07:47 PM
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Default Test of Strength coop requirements?

My want-to-be coop partner and I have both progressed through the Orc quests and are now at Test of Strength, the first coop mission.

We both have armies at the quest site, canceled protection, have similar strengths (212 & 220), both have the quest, yet are not able to add each other. I just saw on my partner's screen that she was invited to a coop mission by random invite by another player, but everytime I invite her (or she me), we both get "That player doesn't have a suitable army available".

I went into the quest myself to check max amount of units permitted (looks like 30), and even split our armies such that our sum would be less than 30, but still no go.

Any assistance in getting us to siege together in this quest would be appreciated. It's too bad that the interface doesn't make the requirements for coop obvious.