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Old 01-24-2014, 02:35 PM
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Default Are Wizards working as Intended?

I have to ask that because sure, they are unique, but are they intended to have as much range combined with that much damage? I understand its very costly to stamina, but it just seems insane the kind of range/damage they seem to have with some of these spells. If the target doesn't have mostly tank squads, then likely in 1 maybe 2 casts most of them will be dead. Entire armies? That can't possibly be balanced, it reminds me of the times that a Royal could almost always solo armies of equal strength.

I could even live with the high damage and the high range if for one thing. If, when on lower settings like i play *for maximum smoothness* there was some kind of INDICATION OF THE SPELL. The last time i had lightning storm cast on me, there was no indication until several of my squads were suddenly dead with a quiet lightning noise that is barely noticeable *to me anyways*. Something even as basic as a big red line surrounding the area of effect would be great.

If they are to keep this much *power* with range and damage, then shouldn't they then cost more than 5 cap? Currently they are at the levels that you were forced to up the Royal dragon to 15 cap. They are not buffers to armies with don't do much harm to the enemy, and just help you own army *such as orc shaman for 5 cap* but they are the reverse and have immense offensive power to the enemy and seem to do little for your own. While that is all well in good in theory, in practice it ends up being *no wizard, i can just bombard you from waaaaaaaaaaaay over here*.

I don't want to see this game turn into a game where every PvP match has to do with *kill the wizard first* like how in all mmo's it is *kill the healer first*. The only difference is, is the fact that healers are all defensive bonuses and substainment bonuses. The wizard, is like someone saying *focus the dps, he is a much bigger threat than the healer* which, if anyone here has played PvP in most mmo's, is ridiculous. Now, i understand this is a strategy game and it has different rules, but 1 unit, no matter how much it costs to get to decent levels, should not 1-3 shot entire armies from super range.

Please either adjust the wizards to not be able to 1-3 shot armies, up their cap to fit their power, or at the very least...make it so that there is an indication for those on lower settings to be able to see that a negative effect is hovering above their army, even if it is just a simple circle.

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