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Old 01-23-2014, 02:36 AM
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Default Possible New player

Goodday Community

I am simply reffered to as RabiŽs, its a name that stuck to me years ago because i spread around like a plague killing everone haha

Ive been reasercing the game, So far Happy i saw it flashing by at steam for only 5 euro's wich is cheap, possibly too cheap but the developers probbly are trying to make their game more populair

I ask for 10 Reasons why i should buy this game, and the reason i ask you is because i have college in 30 minutes, and then a ****load of work to do untill like 5 am tonight haha!

the Steam add is only till Friday!!

so 10 reasons to play this game

and Explain the ingame shop, is it pay to win? because thats for me a no go,
What differs this game from Age of Empires Online?

And how would you define the game? i first tought of Settlers and Medival Total War

i will check back tonight

your friend Rabies