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Old 01-21-2014, 11:44 AM
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Default patch 22 a joke

After playing 3 hours of this new patch i seen nothing has changed at all still the same bugs, hell there even more now.
1: Treants that have 999999 movement speed.
2: sieges still lag a lot.
3: rangers randomly disappearing after, or before a siege.
4: a hero with res of 9999% so he gains health when he's attacked.
5: PVP still don't connect with players.
6: payout is still not being give to the attack, just taken from the defender.
7: Game still crashes if i even try to make a orc town.
8: human workers won't listen to anything i tell them
9: units till get stuck on siege ladders, treants, etc.
10: patch 22 is a huge joke game still extremely broken.