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Old 01-18-2014, 04:00 PM
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Are there any variables in the Sunday meeting time? Because 2pm PST is like...the ONLY time on Sunday that i can't show up due to religious obligations. 1-2 hours either earlier or later would be perfect for me. *but i know that this time is set in stone for the convenience of all so i do not expect any such changes* So i was wondering how often are the meetings? Are they every week, or do they tend to be every other week? If they are not every week and rather every other week or so, i could make it even at the 2 pm PST, but every week just kills it for me. Also, how long do these meetings tend to be? Is there anyway to compromise on this? *say a email sent to all mods/devs in case some didn't show up giving a brief summery of what transpired or to pass the weekly reports to another mod/dev before hand so that they are not missed*

Other than the Sunday time, i believe i qualify for the other requirements/responsibilities.

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