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Old 01-15-2014, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by hitgirl View Post
great stats guide if u could add training guide be even better
maybe building build order too for a new city
areas for new orcs to gain xp gold etc
but way better than the "wiki"
game so needs more of these guides but in a wikia and easily reached
have to disagree on the building walls though some players want fast pvp
and protection so cheap at the store building walls not an issue
end of day youll only be attacked by roughly same str army and lcl5s cheap to make and orcs don't even have that prob
A training guide is planned but for now work is in the way, I have 10 minutes to myself today and im spending it trolling around on the forums. As for the walls, i put that in to encourage the players to build up and learn before they try out pvp in this game, Orcs require alot of strategy to use correctly and most new players won't have the grasp of the game to know how to use orcs effectively. If you are making a new city however you do what you feel is best. And in regards to orc units being "cheap" that only really applies to goblins impalers and slayers, mounted units and beserkers are some of the most expensive in the game and will hurt new players ALOT to lose them. And I strongly suggest not wasting crowns on protection, it would be better to use those crowns towards researches and building upgrades.

we all have our own playstyles and this guide is nowhere near perfect. but i will take what you've said to heart and next chance i get to update the guide I'll do so with you in mind.
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