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Old 07-31-2008, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
We all knew this would be the first reaction - I hate to do this - but I can`t answer this question directly. Hope bellow works for an answer:

Lets put it this way - Dragons are not official confirmed as a playable race.
So - we don`t guarantee Dragons will be in the game as a playable function anymore. But if they are not in at the release, they`ll be in after - be at as a content booster or mini-expansion. But hey - Dragons might make it in after all - you never know. And if not - well you`d still get to "hire" dragons playing as other races.
don't you dare release the game with no dragons as faction joke.

Actually i could see certain advantages with not adding dragon as a faction for release.

1). People can mod in some funny unique dragon factions
2). You can make it an expansion.

But i would of liked to see vikings or Dwarves as a expansion faction or Maybe 2 new ones like rotwk did arnor and angmar