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Old 01-13-2014, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Oh no worries I understand how frustrating this must be.

Please let me know your in-game username and town name and I`ll take a look today.

Please try the following:
-Restart your PC, start DoF, play a quick game of skirmish for a few minutes, back to main menu, try Online Kingdom Now
-Create a new Online Kingdom town - confirm if you have any issues with it
I'm currently sieging a town, when i am finished i will restart, do what you said and then inform you on the results.

Ingame - Reaver
Town - Valhalla

If you look at logs you'll see i've had these log in issues before, but today it seemed to be nonstop.

EDIT- After relogging i'm still getting the "error connecting to city" and the failure to login popups. But I got in after 2 tries and there is no snow on the ground anymore.

I've also noticed that the minimap for my home town seems to be expanding or shrinking every time i relog. For example; when the map was normal there was a set boundry i could go to/build to and then there was land beyond that could only be seen by angling the camera, now it goes right to the end of the world, though i dont have the option to build on this land.

Also my workers seem to be wandering to the corners of the void and are uncontrollable. And my houses are randomly disappearing, what is going on?

Edit Edit - And now it seems when i go to world map the screen goes pure white, then when i try to go back to home town all the workers are moving at super speed and its laggy.
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