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Old 01-12-2014, 08:58 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

Have you considered decreasing the amount of units in a squad by 1/2(1/3 for orcs maybe) and increasing their hp/dmg to compensate---it might help with the movement lag.

For units that have a single squad member(ogre mage hero and dragon) nothing would really change for them in terms of hp and dmg.

The reason i suggest this is orcs are pretty much the laggyiest race--more units per squad is going to do that,and currently it is possible to field 1800 units on each side,3600 total--not including the npc's.Which is great,don't get me wrong,but currently it's to much.

Doing this,if of course it worked as intended and does solve the pathfinding lag issue,should also improve co-op play since less calculations should mean less info needed to be sent.It would also strengthen the player base,as alot of people leave not because the game isn't fun,but because it's hard to enjoy a game that can be,at times,difficult to play.

I have never heard anyone say anything bad about the idea of this game.The only complaints i have ever heard from it,is bugs and lag(and maybe balance :>) You guys are great at getting the bugs,balance comes with time,but the lag is just killing it.

I also know you want large scale battles,as players so do we.However I do believe many of us would be just as happy with smaller scales that worked smoothly,and even if it where just a temporary measure,it could go a long way in keeping players active,and not just checking back every few months to see if its been fixed yet.

I'm hoping I'm not stepping on anyones toes or insulting anyone(if i did it wasn't intentional).I know the team has put alot of work into the game,and reducing squad sizes might be seen as a step backwards,however if it let's the game move forward I say grab the chopping board.The hydra's are sexy by the way,have not yet tried out the mages,have seen one in pvp and in the twitch stream other day,they look promising.Also Minotaur ftw :>

Edit: I meant to add you could cut unit sizes down,not increase their hp or dmg,but decrease the hp and damage of single unit squads as well.I also understand not all the lag is caused by pathfinding--it's odd that on day of patch it seemed to work nicely,but now it's laggy again,not as bad,but I still think co-op and pvp would see performance increases with decreased squad sizes.

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