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Old 01-12-2014, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Seldil View Post
Devs please listen to me on this one.
I really like this game but I am dropping the orc faction because of this mission. If each faction has a mission like this I guess I will have quit the game until it is fixed. I understand the amount of work that goes into something like this and the attachment you feel to your creation but this mission is not fun. It isn't "difficult" or "challenging" it is frustrating beyond measure.

The reason it is frustrating is not because it requires skill or strategy but because of poor game mechanics. The escort target runs ahead and dies to aoe. Note that if my forces have the ogres attention the target stills dies because he stands in aoe.

Even when I divide my forces and run them ahead of the escort to try and intercept the ogres I still fail the mission. Either the ogres and my forces ignore each other and the ogres go straight for the target or the target runs past my forces anyway and still dies.

The healing in this game is not sufficient to heal through this mad mans death wish.

I feel for you and your attachment to this mission I really do but people buy this game to have fun. I have tried this mission repeatedly for about a week now and I have gotten to the point I donít even want to log in anymore. I am going to try to advance as another faction but I am so frustrated with the game at this point I donít know.

Edit: I've just been informed that every faction has a quest like this. Also judging by the dates on these posts this is a problem that has been known about for a while and the devs donít seem to intend on fixing. I really regret spending $40 on the game at this point (bought it for my wife too). I hope you either fix this or put a disclaimer on the sales page so other people donít get burned.
Theres a reason this game has low scores on all the major game review sites (metascore and IGN and whatnot) the only way to get their attention is to pm them and even then your stuff probably won't get fixed...but hey, atleast you have magic now right? magic makes up for the crippling lag issues, frequent crashes and busted game mechanics....right?
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