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Old 01-10-2014, 12:37 PM
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gain from skillpoint is reduced by a good 50%

but basic stats got doubled, so end stats for a lev 20 unit is same, for example my old pre expansion knights at lev 20 where 25700 hp 450 dmg. my current knights are 24500 hp 457 dmg, same res same stamina same regen etc.

Simply the skillpoints give less for reduce theproblem that low level units where too underpowered vs high ones, becouse 90% of an unit ability to fight is made thrue skillpoints and not thue basic stats.

The final stats result is almost the same and this is math not opinions, now levels matter much less in the strenght of an unit so a lev 10 can fight for real a lev 20 now.
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