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Old 01-09-2014, 02:49 AM
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It now takes me AGES to log in. Used to only take about a minute to fully load in. Now it's closer to 10 to get logged in to the game, then about 30% of the time it crashes to desktop once it gets IN game.

Never had any of these issues prior to the patch. In fact I don't think I ever had a single instance of the game crashing before, just once where it locked up and I had to ctrl+alt+del. I am also going through steam so hopefully this is related to the issue mentioned. Though once I get in and it doesn't crash, I'm actually running better than ever, no lag in game for me at all.

Also, my dwarven miners now just stand around when they fill up. I have to tell them myself to take loot to the main tree when they used to seem to have done it the same way as wardens did. Extremely annoying as it is now pointless to have dwarven miners, who is going to stand there and micromanage each one to see when it fills up to run it back and forth?? Do I now need to get a horsecart or something for them to work like peasants or is this a bug?

Very bittersweet patch atm, lots to love but a few things that just suck too lol. I really like the additional units. Does the Guild Hall actually DO anything?? Hopefully the next one we get is the 'whole-bunch-more-varied-quests-and-maybe-separating-the-people-talking-so-they-aren't-stabbing-each-other-during-the-conversation' patch. Yeah, it's a long name, but would be good stuff ;)

**Roofus, I'm guessing you have tried lowering the settings a lot? Grass in particular caused me loads of issues despite having a vastly superior computer to what was asked, any time more than 1 group of units wanted to move together it was disastrous. Turned off grass and shadows and now it's only when I try to make an entire army move at once, which I sort of expect with so many moving parts in an indy-developed persistent online world**

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