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Old 01-07-2014, 01:48 PM
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I have it on lowest settings, still lags the same on my old pre-arcana city, I made a new post arcana city and have been playing it for about 60 min, and there does seem to be less lag (so far) And I'll install your client and try it then get back to you, 2 hour download and i have to go to work, so i wont be able to report on that until tomorrow/later tonight.

I've also noticed that on my pre Arcana cities the Hydra and minotaur pictures in the market are just blank white Squares, whereas on this new city they are actually pictures of the units.

Home City lag is almost non-existent, and when im on the world map it runs smoothly on the new city. If it is ok with you guys im going to ask some fellow players with pre arcana cities and lag issues to make new cities to see if they have the same results as me.

After about 2-3 hours i've noticed lag starting to creep up on me, installer is done though so im going to swap to that.

Ok, played about 60 minutes on the installer on my pre arcana city, alot of the lag issues appear to be gone. It's probably an issue with the steam client, though i still get random bouts of extreme lag.
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