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Old 01-07-2014, 04:06 AM
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I completely agree about working out bugs and finishing up adding what they originally planned to add. I was only making a suggestion of things to work on as time goes on. As for the regional bosses I love that idea of having specific boss' in each zone. I think a boss per zone would be awesome, and have loot be balanced to the difficulty. I also like the of lesser elementals/giants for lower level players. The only issue is how they could make a boss difficult enough for 2-3 players to fight. I love pve its great for players to have a balance of pvp and pve activities for players. I would love to have "raids" almost like in rpg in an rts, it would be unique and would help this game standout from other rts games.

When I first played offline I felt this game was much like Age of Empires, which is a great thing since AoE was awesome. I just feel that to make a strong game you need something that makes you stand out from competitors and alliance raids on boss' or team battles versus invasions of enemies would be iconic to this game. Realistically, when a game is developed it has to make money. I think being iconic would raise player count by the best advertising...Word of mouth (cause its free advertising for a company when gamers talk to other gamers).

Lastly I leave you with this, what would you guys think about having npc's attack your base and allowing fellow alliance members to reinforce? such as a large army of orcs attack my elven base, but a lot of my troops are out away from home, so a person in my alliance "covers" my back and sends his army to my city and fights the battle for me. It is a hard concept but would allow others in your alliance to aid you. I understand they plan on doing coop pvp, but do they plan on allowing people to help defend against a base siege, even after the fight starts?
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