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5/2/2014 - Added in Capacity values to buildings (thanks Brian Shingles and Wilffio for this info!) Added in Capacity Base (thanks Brian Shingles!) Added in Goblin Swarm to tactics (thanks Svulnar!) Added in Building Capacity (160?) (thanks Disgust!) Shortened Various things and removed colors to help make room for more Additions. Added in the Goblin Ambush Tactic (Thanks Svulnar!)

21/1/2014 - Shortened several sentences to ensure i don't hit the 30k letter cap. Added that Orcs now havea limited number of buildings they can build (though i don't know what the number is). Added in the Stealth Charge Tactic (Thanks Svulnar for this Tactic!). Made People Aware of the fact that the previous Res Cap of 200k+ probably isn't attainable anymore due to the limited number of buildings.

16/1/2014 - Moved the update log to help make room on the main guide. Added the Burning Legion battle tactic (thanks Svulnar!)

14/1/2014 - Fixed several Grammatical errors. Altered my previous ring of houses tactic as it was proven false (Thanks Neinth!) And updated the Max Orc res cap to 200k+.

8/1/2014 - Made small changes to make the guide simpler and easier to read. Fixed Grammatical errors. Added in the Warg unit (thanks Svulnar!) and added in the Abilities subsection (thanks Svulnar for providing the info!)

7/1/2014 - Fixed Infrastructure typo saying mounted beserkers instead of Mounted Slayers (Thanks Svulnar), Altered color scheme to make it easier to read (Thanks Konstantin). Adjusted the Goblin Raider information to make it more helpful/accurate and Added in The Tribal Shaman, and the Orc Warlord to the unit list (Thanks Svulnar!). fixed several grammatical errors throughout the guide! (Thanks Svulnar) Added an Abilities/Stances Section (thanks Svulnar)
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