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Default Patch # 20 - Pathfinding & Arcana Expansion Preview

The long awaited Pathfinding Update is finally here, in Patch 20, bringing with it improved performance and a new way of controlling units. Also included as part of Patch 20 is an early release full preview of the free Kingdom Wars: Arcana expansion - giving current players a chance to try out the new units, spells and buildings before the official launch of the expansion to coincide with a big promotion later this month. Please keep in mind that this huge update is and early access release - thus containing some bugs, and stability issues. We will follow up with a patch in a few days to fix most of potential crash issues and other balancing problems and bugs.

Patch is Live!

Patch # 20

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
- New Pathfinding system implemented
- Pathfinding performance boost
- Ability to set orientation of selected units
- Fifteen new spells to Research and Cast
- Arcana Main Menu Updated
- New Unit - Wizard of the Calm (Hero)
- New Unit - Wizard of the Deep (Hero)
- New Unit - Wizard of the Wave (Hero)
- New Unit - Hydra (Large Single Monster)
- New Unit - Minotaur (Monster battalion)
- New Unit - Rootant (Magical Plant-based siege unit)
- New Building - Wizard's Tower (variant for each race)
- New Building - Guild Hall (variant for each race)

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
- AZERTY keyboard option (maps ZQSD for camera instead of WASD)
- Re-skilling units in multiplayer re-enabled (limit once per battle)
- Improved Localization for Tutorials and other dialogue (Italian, Spanish, German and French)
- Increased View mode timer from 20mins to 30mins
- Increased Army vs Army timer from 20mins to 30mins
- Increased Army vs Homeland timer from 40mins to 45mins
- New magic-themed Intro scenario
- Additional anti-hacking and anti-exploit detection and counter measures
- MOD and DEV tags impersonation detection and auto-ban
- Various Ban, Chat Mute e.t.c features for Game Moderators
- Improved fire FX art

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
- Greatly reduced benefits to high level units, by reducing skill point gain
- Additionally reduced distance in terms of strength between low and high level units
- Reduced basic unit health regeneration to 10hp/sec max
- Orcs: Ogre,Goblins and mounted got a boost
- Elves: Grandmasters and Mounted Grandmasters got a boost
- Humans: Minor changes and tweaking to majority of units
- Dwarfs: More resilient than ever especially vs spells
- Rams are much better at destroying Gates

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