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Old 01-05-2014, 12:45 PM
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Default Patch 20 - Known Issues

Dear Players,

Today`s release of Patch 20 - is one of our biggest additions to the game so far. And a patch this big unfortunately brings some new issues and bugs to the game. Our team hopes to eradicate all of these bugs over the next several days. Meanwhile I`m including the list of a few known issues that although rare, might effect your gameplay experience for the next couple of days.

Crashing while moving units
There is a common crash issue that happens on average once in two hours. This is our top priority and will be fixed with-in 48 hours.

Unable to Login after a crash
Rare issue. Sometimes after a crash it won`t let you login.
-Close the game
-Press Cntrl+Art+Del to get to the Task Managed
-Click on Process tab
-Locate DoF.exe process and Terminate it
-Start the game, it`ll let you login now

Units Permanently Stuck on Homeland
Rare issue. Sometimes some of your units might get permanently stuck on an empty spot.
-Mark the stuck Units using Garrison Button on a Unit
-Open World Map - transfer the marked stuck unit into an army
-Transfer the unit back from the army onto your homeland

My Homeland always crashes after 2 seconds
In an extremely rare case you homeland might always crush right after your load it.
-None, but we expect a fix for this with-in 48 hours
-This is an EXTREMELY rare issue though

Siege Towers/Treant issues
There are two issues with siege equipment used for scaling walls.
-Tasking more than one to walls will not spread them out but cause for all to attach to the same wall segment
-Units are not using them in groups, but one by one
-We recommend avoid scaling walls for the next couple of days until we get this sorted out

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