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Old 12-22-2013, 06:08 PM
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Default Makkada Bugged

I started playing a co-op siege of Makkada with an alliance member earlier this evening. We encountered multiple bugs with this, starting about 1 hour after starting the co-op instance. His units disappeared from my map, with the exception of pockets of fire started by his dragons. He could still see all of my units however. He said that he could see entire units of mine getting wiped out, after I'd pulled them out of the city to heal. I lost no units that he described as getting wiped out. Cannons of mine were zipping around the map at warp speed. He got victory from this, I received nothing.


Forgot one more. Problems first started when he started describing a wall segment (which I'd knocked down a while before), as standing with archers firing at my units. None of my units were taking damage, however, and I saw no arrows flying around. After maybe five minutes of back-and-forth description of the area with nothing yielded, I saw one of his dragons fly over, land, and attack a collapsed wall segment before returning to his army. He said the wall was now down - for him.

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