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Default Expansion Preview

With work on our upcoming Arcana expansion almost finished, with just final testing and balancing underway, we are finally ready to start sharing more details about our largest free expansion release.

First things first - the release date. First the bad news - official release date is set for January, to fit in with Steam's release schedule. However - our current players will get early access to the full expansion pack (as a preview) in December - right before New Years. For the sake of naming a date - lets say the 29th. But we'll do our best to have this ready for you sooner than that.

And so - allow me to introduce our Arcana expansion. Although a better fitting name would be: Awesome Pathfinding & Arcana. As you might know we have been working on re-coding a major part of our game engine responsible for pathfinding, performance and controlling units, and after countless months this huge update is finally here, and will be released as part of the Arcana Expansion.

And, of course - Arcana stands for Magic, and we are adding this new gameplay elements with a bang. Magic is a force that now rules the game world - from homelands to battlefields. Get ready to experience Kingdom Wars like never before with magic spells so powerful they will change your entire approach to combat.

You;ll get you first look at some of the spells, as well as new buildings, and new pahtfinding features in the below preview. Meanwhile, here's some of the new features
  • New Buildings - from Wizard Tower to Guild Headquarters
  • New epic units - from massive Hydra to Minotaurs
  • New Wizard hero character in 3 classes
  • Amazing magic system starting with 15 spells
  • New unit control system - similar to Total War games
  • Brand new pathfinding
  • New unit AI with cool things like units forming perfectly on walls
  • Professional localization for other languages including Tutorial and other in-game text

If you have any questions about this expansion please feel free to ask, at this time - no more secrets.

New pathfinding allows you to task entire armies without any lag spikes or performance drops

New directional tasking brings better battalion control - select which way your army should face, and in what formation with a click of a mouse

New Buildings such as a Wizard Guild, with 15 magical technologies. Get ready to spend thousands of gold coins.

Firewall Spell

Blizzard Ice Wall Spell

Lighting Storm Spell
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