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Old 12-15-2013, 08:28 AM
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I was able to answer a couple of these questions myself:

  • Does the forest warriors trait (more hp, damage and stamina) affect enchanters as well or do they not count as military units? Would that trait make alpine archmage enchanters even stronger or just the other military units?
Enchanters do benefit from the Forest Warriors trait fully, i.e. they get more attack, hp and stamina. And the bonuses from Alpine, Archmage and Forest Warriors stack.

  • Does reassigning skill points "cost" anything or can this be done as often as desired?
Apparently there's no cost to reassigning skill points. I did notice that elite units like the dragon slayer lose their levels upon death (but you keep them); the starter heroe doesn't lose his levels but must assign skill points anew.

  • Is there a way to see where walls are going to be built at the start of the game? Especially for orcs who can place buildings wherever they want this would be useful to plan the city layout a little bit.
I'm not sure whether these screenshots are very accurate, but they should give a good impression how your town is going to look like with walls later on: Human Homelands, Elven Homelands, Orc Homelands.

  • When I task my marauders to loot corpses after a small battle, sometimes just the leader (the guy with the flag) is going from corpse to corpse while the rest of the squad is standing around doing nothing.
This also happens with looting peasants (I don't know yet for wardens), but only for certain dead bodies (for both marauders and peasants): This behaviour seems to kick in when bodies from non-standard military units are looted, e.g. the horses of dead cavaliers (you can loot the rider and the horse) or some units you encounter while exploring the world map (e.g. lumber jacks, thieves and so on).