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Default Several questions


I recently got this game via Steam and while I think there are some rough edges to polish I like it very much. So I started off with the tutorial and a city for each race in the online kingdom mode which raised a couple of questions I didn't find any answers to in the ingame help (the wiki) or the faqs here on the forums or in the Steam forums.
I'm glad for any help I can get with these questions (some might simply be bug reports):
  1. The orc gatherers trait doesn't seem to increase my world armies resource cap. An ogre still adds 500 as without the trait.
  2. Same for some traits supposedly reducing unit costs: Treants for alpine, archmage, siege master elves cost 180 wood, which is the same as listed on the wiki as base costs. The cost of summoning bolt throwers isn't reduced either.
  3. Does the forest warriors trait (more hp, damage and stamina) affect enchanters as well or do they not count as military units? Would that trait make alpine archmage enchanters even stronger or just the other military units?
  4. Are special attacks with a stamina cost affected by traits as well? I.e. the impaler leap by the 30% extra damage forest orc impalers get.
  5. Does reassigning skill points "cost" anything or can this be done as often as desired?
  6. What do I get from upgrading orc huts? Does it simply make the two or three techs cheaper or does it affect the function as resource drop off point or the population space as well?
  7. Is there a way to see where walls are going to be built at the start of the game? Especially for orcs who can place buildings wherever they want this would be useful to plan the city layout a little bit.
  8. Is there any way to build laborers or marauders aside from the town hall? If you want to raise an army fast you might build several Pyres or War Halls to train units simultaneously but if you can't supply a steady laborer flow with just one town hall having several military buildings of one type might become obsolete.
  9. When I task my marauders to loot corpses after a small battle, sometimes just the leader (the guy with the flag) is going from corpse to corpse while the rest of the squad is standing around doing nothing.
  10. Does a squad of 10 human peasants mine gold or stone as fast as 24 orc laborers? Because I usually can't get as many whole orc squads to mine at a certain point as I could with human or elven workers.
  11. Could someone explain the concept of ammunition (of ranged units) to me? What happens when the whole unit is out of arrows and the flag is blinking?
  12. What's the number right between the max hp and the healing per s?
  13. Why do my units show different damage resistance values in my settlement and on the world map? This happens even before walls are built i.e. the units don't show this small wall icon when you select them.
  14. Do technologies increasing armor add up on the damage resistance even when I can't put in more skill points for that type?

Thanks a lot in advance for any answers I'll get. I might post more questions in this thread as they come up.