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Old 12-04-2013, 10:18 AM
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Default Kingdom Wars Updates

Dear Players, it`s time for a long awaited update on the Patch 20 (the new free expansion pack). But first of all please accept our sincere apologies for the lack of updates during the past 2 months. We are glad to say everything`s back on track now - with supporting and expanding Kingdom Wars being our main priority. And it`s time to make up for all the set-backs and delays.

There is no good way to explain the setbacks... chain of unfortunate circumstances outside of our control. Due to some personal reasons (wedding followed by a major accident) and other problems I was out of the office for several weeks and this broke the chain of never-ending updates and stopped our community updates - that we we managed to keep uninterrupted for the past year and a half.

Meanwhile the rest of our team has been working on various projects we needed to concentrate on to secure our company`s future, but without my presence we weren`t able to pay enough attention to our Kingdom Wars community.

But lets set that aside and lets go over few things we have coming your way in the coming weeks.

More Players
You might have noticed the player population increasing slightly in the past several days. We are hoping to continue this trend with some old players coming back for the new free expansion, and additional sales and promos we have planned for the rest of December and into January.

Free Expansion pack
Now the biggest update is the long awaited Patch 20 - that`s now a full blown game expansion - biggest expansion we released to date. I`ll have an update on the release date for you by next week - we are still polishing a few things, and in addition we need to co-ordinate with Steam. But we`ll do our best to get this to you for the Holidays. To list some of the features:

-New Buildings - from Wizard Tower to Guild Headquarters
-New epic units - from massive Hydra to Minotaurs
-New Wizard primary hero character in 3 classes
-Amazing magic system starting with 15 spells
-New unit control system - similar to Total War games
-Brand new lagless pathfinding
-New unit AI with cool things like units forming perfectly on walls
-Professional localization for other languages including Tutorial and other in-game text

The Big Move...
Unfortunately I`m not at liberty to reveal the details but we are planning a huge move later this winter that should greatly raise our player population sometime between late January or February. The increase should be around the biggest levels we have seen during Kingdom Wars expansion pack - with 700+ players online at once.

I hope some of you will stick around a bit longer and continue support our indie project.

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