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Old 10-23-2013, 10:31 PM
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Default Game glitch abuse

I started playing this nice game 2 days ago. I really enjoy sieging different layouts cities of any races with my friend.Up to that point , economy , war and building is fine and fun.

But i had today, while i still had about 1 hour and a half time of attack protection, i had my sieging npc army moving from point a to point b to go and siege yet another city with my friend in coop. Sudently, i got dragged in a pvp match with a player who had only orc cavalry, and he was just ramming my units, when he was almost dead he would back off(wich makes sense) where it really broke the whole fun for me is when i saw him heal up 30k hp in mere seconds without any outside help. Yeah that glitch where units sudently heal up back to full. So i got decimated 10 times and decided to come here and complain as it really killed any fun i had creating an army from scratch.(it was getting quite powerfull hero lvl 35) dead and done using a sad glitch.Its not about regen on units its litteraly Healing up to max in mere seconds.

So well you should fix this because this is what made me want to quit this otherwise fine game. Cia.