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Old 10-11-2013, 07:29 AM
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Apologies for the delay and the lack of communication, I work behind the scenes and wasn't aware that the people who usually respond on the forums were absent. I'll speak to Kon about being more active on the forums, but he has been busy on some behind the scenes things too.

Our engine programmer is stuck on one final big bug that came up in testing, but hopefully that can be resolved soon so we can release the patch before we lose too many more people who get tired of waiting. Pathfinding should improve performance and stop those lagspikes when large groups of units move.

I posted about this elsewhere but I'll mention it here as well - removing reskilling in PVP was only supposed to be a temporary measure, as there were complaints about people abusing it. It will be re-instated next patch with a restriction of one reskill per unit per battle.

We are on track to release the magic expansion in November (different people are working on that to pathfinding), and we've got other additions planned as well for after that.
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