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Old 10-11-2013, 06:55 AM
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Apologies for the lack of communication, I work behind the scenes and wasn't aware that the people who usually respond on the forums were absent. I'll speak to the boss about being more active again.

The servers are still running, we have hundreds of people logging in each day just not all on at the same time.

If you're experiencing connection issues, these can usually help:
1) Restart your computer - in most cases it'll fix this issue
2) Restart your Internet Modem/Router - turn power off, wait 10 seconds, turn on and restart the game
3) Disable Anti Virus and Firewall - and if that works, re-enable it and set DoF.exe and/or Mithrill.dll as exceptions

If none of those help, please let us know and we will see what else can be done.

Contrary to the opinion of some, the game is not dead yet, it's just the mulitplayer aspect isn't as lively as it once was since we're no longer in the spotlight on Steam and we've lost a few waiting for the pathfinding update.

We are still on track to release the magic expansion in November, however with pathfinding our engine programmer is stuck on one final big bug that came up in testing, but hopefully that can be resolved soon so we can patch.

I've copied your towns and tried to recreate the bugs you experienced but was unable to do so. Copying them may have fixed some corruption with your towns (this has worked before), so I have copied the working towns back to you.

Also, verifying the game files on Steam may fix some of the problems you are experiencing.

There are other solutions for crashes posted here as well.

If neither the copying, verifying or the other solutions fixes your problem, the next steps would be to re-install the game completely and possibly try creating a new account (we would supply a new key and compensation for lost units/crowns).

Removing reskilling in PVP was only supposed to be a temporary measure, as there were complaints about people abusing it. It will be re-instated in the next patch with a restriction of one reskill per unit per battle.