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Old 10-10-2013, 10:58 AM
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Default They can't put more money into it.

They can't put more money into the game there spending it all getting drunk laughing there ass off at people complaining about bugs. They don't give a **** about this game and they never will games dead they just don't want to say it dead so they can get more money from people that buy this ****ty ass game.

Also i don't know way 2% of the people don't have bugs like the rest of us do, but the bugs in this game are game breaking to a point that even trying to play it is just a waste of time. I'm currently having bugs that are deleting my towns when i log in armies not showing up on the map, but it says there still there so i can't make new armies cause my old armies wouldn't show up. Also i can't train rangers as elf ever time i try my game crashes to my desktop. I also can't use my human town cause i some how have a single peasant that is using 1k pop for some odd reason. That i can't move to another army cause then the armies pop is to high, and i can't sent it outside my town to be eaten by wolves cause it doesn't show up in my town map. Every time i send in a bug report about these bugs i get a message from a Dev saying "we'll look into these problem and find a way to fix this for you" or something similar to this. Then I'll wait months with no reply or fix for my bugs so now I'm just sick of this **** i feel like a rock would do there job better.

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