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Old 10-10-2013, 10:45 AM
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I myself didn't encounter many bugs, certainly none game breaking, and quite enjoyed the game when I played it (haven't for a while now). I think many of the mechanics are geat and really appreciate what the developers tried to do.

However, the developer's lack of communication is absolutely astounding. Short, one sentence answers ("we're working on it", "your information is incorrect", etc.), if any at all. Meanwhile, patches and expansions are announced and then not released.


- this game still has a future, in which you guys really need to make a bit more effort in communicating properly and keeping promises with respect to dates, because the game has all the signs of being about to be shut down.


- this game is in fact about to die, in which case you need to be open and honest about that and stop letting people put more money into this game, because, you know, that would be unethical.

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