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Old 10-08-2013, 10:27 PM
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Default Siege of Pultak, DOF Crashed.

I was sieging Pultak or Brakental, part of the Bertha'nos campaign mission: "One Chant in a lifetime" I was taking down the final gate and scaling the walls w/ sentries grandmasters and the hero. Then suddenly it crashes to desktop (CTD, I believe another user called it?)

Just to make this this clear, this has happened before, I posted 2-3 months ago about a siege on Westerdale, northern port city of Rollingplains. At the time I made a post an attached the logs needed. This time I will attach the logs as well as the error message after the CTD.

I had not lost any units, and had decimated over half of their forces, so I think it's clear I would have won. I lost 15 crowns b/c of the CTD, and I still have not received any crowns from the previous CTD ( my army was ~600 value at the time of the Westerdale siege).

So I would like to get the 15 crowns I lost, due to the CTD, and w/e is fair for the previous one ( I don't remember what the value of that battle was).

More importantly I would like to know what to do in order to avoid these CTD.
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